I'm 19, about to start college :D

Well, I'm one of those legendary cool nerds that exist, haha XD
But, seriously, I read...alot! Oh and I <3 music, horror movies and rom-coms :P And of course, I party or rather have fun ;)

I've never been fat really. It was 10th grade when I first started putting on weight. By the time highschool ended, I was no longer the slim person I once was. I realised how far I'd let myself go when I saw a double chin forming on my face, so yes, I'm going to become sexy, because I used to be proud of how I looked. And now I still like how I look, but I'm not proud of it any more. I look plum, but all my friends are sweet, so they say I look adorable.

So yes, I'm getting sexy ;)

By the time I'm done, I'm gonna look beast, a fit and sexy beast! Oh and adorable too!

Ps: Feel free to join me on my journey to getting sexy and fit.

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204 - ~155 
I had already lost ~30 by the left photo!!!

650 notes in a day is a new record :o

Those aren’t the same pants though. If u look carefully the studs are on the right in one pictures and on the other the studs are on the left!???

Excuse me whilst I explain the concept of taking a photo in a mirror……

In the left pic, she is holding a phone/camera facing forward so we can guess that she is taking a pic of herself in the mirror(as mentioned above). In the right one, she is holding her pants up with both her hands, so she either has someone taking the shot or is using a timer. Thus, its still Nat, and the picture is valid! Oh and lighting must have varied thus the different shades. Hope this help clarifies any doubts :D 
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So cute!
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